Ultimate Guitar Method


Follow a structured course that will develop the skills and knowledge you need to learn your favourite songs, shred the solos you love and become the guitarist you always wanted to be.

A Complete

Guitar Course

Our senior course has six grades, called Steps. It starts at a complete beginner level, follows a logical progression of difficulty and leads to seriously advanced guitar playing.

Students learn absolutely everything there is in the world of guitar; chord shapes, scales, picking exercises, melodies, music theory, sight reading, arpeggios, tapping, sweeping, legato, fingerpicking, percussive techniques, music technology and listening skills.

Ultimate Guitar Method even teaches songwriting conventions, improvising and session guitar traits, so students can write and record their own songs as part of the course.

Students Learn...

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Chord Shapes
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Notation Pieces
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Scales & Exercises

Ideal For Guitarists Of

All Skill Levels

Whether you have previous playing experience or not, Ultimate Guitar Method is designed to take get you on the right track and take your playing to the next level.


Stay encouraged by receiving certificates and awards for completing Grades.

Self Paced

Ultimate Guitar Method is a curriculum, not a lesson-by-lesson course, so students can learn at their own pace.

Practice Help

Access practice resources and instructional material for each grade.

Learn Songs. Develop Skills.

Be Awesome.

There are five key areas to guitar playing, called The Five Fundamental Techniques. These are Chords, Picking, Aural, Reading and Songs. Combined, they are what make up The Ultimate Guitar Method and every grade (called a Step) contains a portion of each of these key areas.

Throughout the course, students will learn how to change chords quickly, pick fast solos and use advanced techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, sweeping, bending, raking and even whammy bar techniques.

Learn What You

Want To Learn

Ultimate Guitar Method contains no set works, which means you can learn any song in any genre as part of the course. Each Step contains song recommendations for those who aren’t sure what to learn, or would like to follow our advice.

As part of the course, students commonly learn music by AC/DC, Metallica, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, The Eagles, Elton John, Queen and Kiss.

Music Theory Demystified

There are a number of reasons music theory tends to confuse guitarists. Ultimate Guitar Method teaches theory in a logical manner and helps students understand the concepts, then apply them to their own playing.

Learn the musical alphabet, major scale formula, diatonic harmony, chord composition, scale composition, tritone substitution and much much more.

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