What Are Songs?

One of the aspects of the Ultimate Guitar Method is to learn songs. The purpose is to practically apply the skills and knowledge from their grade. Students are able to play songs of their choice in any music style, as long as it is suitable for the content within their grade. After all, music itself is universal.

If it doesn’t fit with their grade, then a guitar arrangement is able to be made. This is where the song is played in a fashion to suit their ability and knowledge.

The Song component requires students to play songs on their own, with their tutor, along with the audio recording and with backing tracks. Advanced grades require improvisation and compositional work, which is where students have to make the guitar parts to fit a song – and eventually compose an entire song all on their own. This also includes playing guitar solos, however being able to create the backing guitar is equally important.

At The Ultimate Guitar Academy we actually use songs to teach students many of their other skills, which means students aren’t just playing boring exercises for weeks until they are able to play a song.

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