What Are The Benefits of Learning THE ULTIMATE GUITAR METHOD?

What Are The Benefits of Learning THE ULTIMATE GUITAR METHOD?

Exclusive to The Ultimate Guitar Academy is The Ultimate Guitar Method. A question I am often asked is “what are the benefits for students studying this?”

Oh boy. Where to begin…

1) Structured Learning
– Learning in an appropriate method will develop good, efficient technique that makes learning easier because it helps you play better. Students more often quite disciplined in their practice, which is particularly important for young beginners.

2) Even progression of skill, knowledge and ability – Ever met a guitarist who is awesome at one thing, but not at another? A great shredder who can’t read music? An outstanding fingerpicker who knows no music theory? The world is full of them. It’s our mission to put an end to this! Become a guitarist who is capable of a range of aspects. Learn theory concepts as your physical playing advances.

3) Learning with a plan and purpose – Everything you learn in the Ultimate Guitar Method has a purpose. A logical progression of essential, useful and applicable knowledge and skills. Each song, scale or chord is a stepping stone to the next level. I’ve met so many guitarists who learn bits and pieces and no real use for them. The Ultimate Guitar Method will show you the big picture.

4) Learn everything – Picking, Chords, Aural, Sight Reading and Songs are the Five Fundamental Techniques. To elaborate, you will learn scales, exercises, sweeping, tapping, alternate picking, economy picking, chord shapes, arpeggios, chord voicings, sight reading, interval exercises, session guitar work, improvising, music theory and SO MUCH MORE! These skills can then be applied to various musical genres with the help of your tutor, so you can improve while learning the music you love.

5) Learn What You Love – There are no set works, so you can choose the songs you learn. You can also leave out entire sections and components such as Sight Reading or Aural. This will mean you won’t officially pass grades, but you can still work through the course for the topics you are learning. You can even come back and learn these areas later and then officially pass the grades.

6) Focus On Songs – Most of your lesson time will be spent playing songs. Why? Because this is a great way to learn. And when you do learn a topic other than songs, The Ultimate Guitar Method will usually relate it back to a song anyway!

7) Motivation – students don’t have to learn any set works or boring songs that they’ve never even heard of before. Each grade contains song suggestions, but they can choose any song they like, which they’ll learn as part of the course. Ideally, these songs should just simply reflect the content of their grade. Students who pass grades are also awarded with certificates and a small prize – I could tell you what it is, but I’d rather it be a surprise!

8) FUN – the learning experience is enjoyable. There is a large focus on learning and playing songs as part of the course. After all, songs are the main reason people learn the guitar.

If you have any questions regarding The Ultimate Guitar Method, or would like to book a free trial lesson, feel free to send us an email!

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