What Guitar Lessons Really Does

Most people think that when you learn an instrument like the guitar, you simply learn how to play a few songs. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You learn a new skill.

There’s nothing like being able to do something. I’m not particularly good at tying knots with ropes, making a campfire from scratch, or other typical skills that other people pick up along the way. But I sure know how to play the guitar. Not because I’m particularly talented, but because I’ve put the hard work in. I absolutely love seeing that kind of ability develop in students.

You develop your ability to distinguish and identify sound.

Music is all about listening. So the more we play music, the better we get at listening. I’m not talking about your ears literally getting better, but your ability to identify the sound that you’re hearing will improve. This happens as a result of simply playing an instrument, but we use Aural exercises as part of The Ultimate Guitar Method, our Listening and Identifying Lesson Pack (coming soon!) and also just our general tuition. The exercises undertaken in these lessons are designed to help you improve much faster than by just listening to music.

You exercise your brain.

This is particularly true for those learning to read music. Sight reading notation is basically brain exercises. Forget the brain training iPhone and iPad apps, learning to sight read increases brain function , develops new skills and improves your rhythm, timing and tempo all at the same time!

You express yourself.

Write your own music, become your own musician and create something out of nothing. Develop your own unique approach to music!

You have some serious fun.

We get a lot of work done in lessons at UGA, but also have a lot of fun. For me, the most enjoyable part of teaching is seeing people improve and learn. That’s my kind of fun!

You become part of a huge community.

The guitar community is massive. It’s one of the most played instruments on the planet and has crazy online resources and forums. I’ve met random strangers and discussed guitar with them for hours on end. I’ve also developed many friendships because of our shared interest in music and the guitar.

Exposure to new music genres and playing styles.

Are you fan of radio music? After spending some time at UGA, you’ll probably find that your musical taste will develop to include tonnes of other artists and genres that you’ve never even heard of before, like Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Percussive – Fingerstyle and so much more.

Discover Music Technology.

Whilst music technology applies to all instruments, the guitar realm has so much more in it than any other instrument. We use effect pedals to create various interesting (and sometimes experimental) sounds. There are a wide range of effects such as distortion, delay, reverb, loop, overdrive, wah, whammy, chorus, flanger, phaser, slice, tube screamer and compressor. Guitarists use them tremendously more than any other instrument.

Makes you good at something.

This one is my favourite. Learning an instrument is great, but actually attending lessons will make you “good” at what you do. You may still find many components difficult, and that’s ok because everyone struggles with something. But humbly knowing that you are capable and skilled in an area is a fantastic feeling.

Hopefully you can see that guitar lessons will teach you so much more than just how to play an instrument. They have to power to change your life!

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