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Not initially. You’re welcome to use one of our spare guitars, however we recommend buying your own as soon as possible, so you can practice at home. Plus, there’s nothing like having your own guitar!

Typically everything is operated Primary and High Schools, home studios, via Skype or Facetime and even at the student’s own home. This results in a rather hectic timetable, so it’s best to contact us to find out for the most up to date information on your local UGA Tutor.

Our prices vary depending on the location, but typically the starting price is $17.90 for Group Tuition and $31.90 for Private Tuition. There are discounts for sharing lessons with other students and also for hour lessons. These prices include GST and all necessary lesson materials are provided, as well as access to The Ultimate Guitar Method.

Of course. Not only is this a legal requirement, it’s also something we would expect any tutor to undergo.

The majority of our teachers have a qualification in their field. Additionally, all UGA tutors undergo compulsory training in teaching and working with children & adults.

This is a big topic and more can be found here at Tips For Your First Guitar. But basically, keep things simple and cheap. All you really need to get started is a classical guitar that’s the right size. A bag for the guitar and a capo would also be ideal, but these are not essential. Still unsure? Contact us, we’re happy to provide any assistance.

We focus on teaching students music and aspects they enjoy. This typically results in better and quicker learning. We teach songs, scales, sight reading, exercises and much more. The songs selection is also extremely wide. We often teach radio music, theme songs, rock songs, songs from TV ads (yes, like the Toyota melody… you know, “Oh what a feeling, Toy-ot-a!”), classical tunes and a lot more. Minecraft parodies and theme songs are also very popular these days. To put it simply, if it’s music then we’ll teach it.

Being ready for guitar lessons isn’t really about age. It’s more matter of whether they are able to sit still for about half an hour and follow some directions, which is often around 4 or 5 yeas old. If in doubt, book a free trial lesson and see how they go. After all, that’s one reason we offer a free trial here at UGA!

You can also check out our article When Is The Right Time For My Child To Learn Guitar for a more in depth look at this topic.

Definitely not. The vast majority of guitar myths out there are completely false. All you need is your fingers, a brain and a willing attitude. Absolutely anyone can learn to play the guitar.

You can also check out our article When Is The Right Time For My Child To Learn Guitar for a more in depth look at this topic.

This may surprise you, but a lot of the music we teach has absolutely no guitar in it. Music is music, so can pretty much always be arranged for any instrument. We often teach dance, hip hop, techno, dubstep, theme songs, orchestral pieces and even piano solos – all arranged for the guitar. It’s sometimes quite the challenge, but it can definitely be done!

Can’t find the answer to your questions on this page? Contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help you out.