Guitar Teacher Jobs

Share what you love and inspire a new generation of guitarists.

"It's Amazing What You Learn When You Teach..."

At UGA, we are always looking for like-minded guitarists who are outstanding at their craft and want to pursue a career teaching professionally. We want to set up a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship where we can fill your timetable with keen guitar students. Together, we can maximise the return on your invested hard work.

We Train You In


Use our marketing tips and materials to quickly establish a strong business presence.

Business Aspects

Business can be complicated. Learn from our experience and save time and hassle.

Client Relationships

Learn how to properly manage a student list, as well as a potential clients.

Guitar Teaching

Use our methods and procedures to help turn you into a skilled guitar teacher.

Focus On Teaching

Don’t reinvent the wheel – our research, curriculum and programs allow for tutors to predominantly teach guitar and minimise time spent on lesson preparation, organisation and business aspects.

We Provide You With

A Structured Course

We have a range of courses that our teachers use to deliver structured lesson programs

Tools & Resources

Access instructional videos, pdf’s and other tools to benefit your students and make learning easier.

Songs TO Teach

We have over 500 songs for tutors to use, along with teaching tips and instructional advice.

More Than Just A Job


Sharing music with other people and help them be better at what they love.

Stable Income

Our systems help tutors predict and manage their income in an unstable world.

Sharped Your Skills

Teaching is one of the best ways to truly master your content and continue learning.

About The Applicant

You are a knowledgable and skilled guitarist with a love for teaching music. You are motivated, dedicated, loyal and prepared to go the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer service. You must be hard working, reliable and wanting to improve your tradecraft in both teaching and business aspects. Most importantly, you must be willing to learn.