Fingerpicking Guitar Lessons

Develop essential fingerpicking technique that’s needed to play your favourite songs and take your guitar playing to the next level!

Become A Skilled Guitarist

Master Thumb Style

Developing thumb picking technique helps students to understand how finger style songs are arranged for the guitar. This is essential for simplifying learning so that you can improve faster.

Develop Speed

Fast picking, hammer-ons, pull-offs and tapping techniques are all crucial in improving your speed on the guitar.

Understand Theory

Learn how music works by studying common techniques, styles and characteristics. After all – the more you know, the better you are!

Learn Reading

Whether it’s guitar tablature or music notation, knowing how to read is essential for complicated fingerpicking and finger style songs.

Acheive Your Goals

We frequently teach students how to play like their favourite artists, such as; Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee, Tobias Rauscher, John Mayer, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Vance Joy, Sungha Jung and many more.

Here are some of the many aspects that we can help you learn and develop:

Sight reading, tablature reading, Travis picking, thumb-pick playing, percussive finger style scales, arpeggios, theory, improvising and musical creativity.

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Our Clients Say


I have 2 children learning with UGA. They really enjoy the lessons. My older child has been learning with UGA for about 7 yrs & can play almost anything she tries & loves practicing. The teacher is really encouraging & supportive!

Sydney, Australia


We love UGA, my son is learning so much and really enjoys his lessons. I highly recommend UGA for anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Sydney, Australia

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We specialise in teaching students what they want to learn and helping them achieve their goals.

We can help you develop your existing skills, learn new techniques and master your favourite songs.

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