We know that lockdowns can be tough. So this one’s for you!


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Random facts about this video:

  • The song “Rockdown” is an original composition written and recorded by the UGA teachers.
  • The song contains over 16 different guitar tracks. Can you hear all of them?
  • Over two hours of footage was shot and condensed down into the four minute video.
  • Daniel recorded over 70 takes for his solo. He’s still not completely happy with any of them.
  • The whole process of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, filming and editing took over fifty hours.
  • In the bedroom shots, there are small Marshall amps to the right. One of the “Marshall” logos is crooked.
  • Nirvana pulls the best faces during his solo. He still looks like a rockstar.
  • The main influences for the song are The Brother by Robben Ford and The Crying Machine by Steve Vai. If you don’t know these songs, you must look them up, they’re awesome.
  • Throughout filming, Daniel’s 2 year old son kept throwing toys at him and running around in the shot.
  • The original plan was to have the Rockdown stickers on the guitar for the entire song, but shipping was delayed by about 2 weeks, so they’re barely in the footage at all.
  • The sweeping technique is used in a solo at 2:01. Everyone loves sweeping.
  • The original concept of the song had more of a jazz-blues influence.