Awesome Goals To Set Yourself

At UGA we love having direction, purpose and structure in what we teach. So it makes sense that students should spend a few minutes thinking of what they want to learn. This should include learning songs, but there are also many other aspects that students should aim for. Here are a few awesome ideas!

1) Think of songs! Choose your favourite songs that you listen to all the time. They could be on youtube, iTunes, at home or even on the radio. Don’t know any songs? Ask your parents to play some music for you and give you some ideas.

2) Theme songs! At UGA we often teach random theme songs for movies and cartoons. In the past we’ve taught themes for Darth Vader, Mario, Star Wars, Superman, Batman, McDonalds, Toyota, Scooby Doo, Halo (the video game), Skyrim (another video game) and countless more.

3) Play a song for someone! Why not aim to play a song for your mum, dad, grandparent, school class, school assembly, cousin or fellow musician? You could even aim to perform something for your UGA tutor!

4) Learn Music Notation! Set yourself the goal of learning how to sight read music notation for one, two, three or even all six strings!

5) Learn a scale! Aim to learn how to play a scale forwards and backwards completely from memory with no mistakes!

6) Play a song with the music! Aim to play a whole song along with the recording. It’s serious learning and serious fun!

7) Learn 5 chords! Memorise five different chord shapes and then use them in a song!

So what next? Well, think of something that you really want. Chocolate, iPad time, a video game or anything else that you really want. Ask your parents if that can be your reward for reaching one of your goals! You can set goals per week, school term or year, so make sure you think of plenty!

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