Can I Learn Guitar In 90 Days?

Can i learn guitar in 90 days

“Can I learn guitar in 90 days?”

I’ll be honest, my first reaction was “no way”. Most guitarists who consider themselves to have “learnt” guitar, have a playing history that goes back at least ten years. So could a complete beginner cram a decade worht of guitar content and progress into just 3 months? It’s not likely, especially considering there’s no real end date to learning guitar – no matter how long you’ve been playing or how awesome of a shredder you are, there’s always more to learn.

A better question would be “how much guitar can I learn in 90 days?”

There is actually quite a lot that a student can learn in 90 days, with the right approach, right teacher and the right practice regime. I often tell my students that I would be able to teach them everything I’ve learnt within 5 years, as long as they do exactly what I say (part of this includes practicing at least 4 hours every day).

So what could a complete beginner expect to learn in 90 days with one of our teachers?

I would expect that a really dedicated student could:

  • Learn all open chords
  • Learn most open major scales
  • Develop good picking technique for both hands
  • Gain good control of their fretting fingers
  • Learn at least 30 songs
  • Start sight reading music notation

I’m sure that a dedicated student could learn more, but it really all depends on how much they practice, what they practice and how often they attend lessons.

The bottom line with all of this is that you only get out what you put in. Any student who puts in a lot of effort, will see a lot of improvement, no matter how “naturally talented” they are.

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