Equipment Checklist

Whether you’re new to the guitar realm or have been part of it for a while now, it always helps to know what kind of music gear you’ll need for learning, and also what just makes life easier. Here’s a quick list of everything we suggest investing when starting up guitar lessons at UGA!

  •   Guitar
  •   Case/Bag
  •   Lead
  •   Amp
  •   Strap
  •   Capo
  •   Spare Picks
  •   Spare Strings
  •   String Winder
  •   Footstool
  •   Tuner
  •   Music Stand
  •   Guitar Stand
  •   Pick Holder
  •   Student Folder
  •   UGA Welcome Pack (soft copy)

Of course, I’m not suggesting you go out and buy every single one of these items this very instance. Just keep them in mind as future present ideas for Christmas and Birthdays… or if you’re super keen then sure, go out and buy everything now!

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