How To Move Bar Chords


Ever wondered how guitarists can play almost any chord with minimal effort? Or how they can just pick up a piece of music and play the chords almost instantly?

Well, knowing every chord on the guitar is part of the trick. That sounds really daunting, however it’s actually just about knowing how to put the correct shape in the correct location.

This lesson will teach you how to use four standard bar chord shapes to make just about any chord on the guitar.

The Video Lesson:


  • It’s best to first learn all four chord shapes, as well as the notes of the guitar, before attempting this lesson.
  • This lesson will also be easier if you already know the full musical alphabet
  • Remember that chord names simply tell you what to do – the longer the name, the more steps involved
  • Make sure you know where the tonic is for each shape (focusing on what string it’s on)
  • Form each chord by finding the tonic, then apply the correct shape

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