Ultimate Guitar Academy


Everything you need to know about our membership subscription.

Our Membership System

  • We operate by charging a membership subscription
  • Our membership rates are per-term, not per-lesson
  • All of our rates are a flat rate per term, based on your lesson type; Group or Private
  • For up to date prices, see here

How Payments Work

  • Once enrolled, we will send out a Direct Debit setup request via email
  • This system accepts payments from bank accounts or credit cards (small surcharge applies)
  • We will email an invoice to you two weeks before a term starts
  • This email will contain all details about the date of payment and amount
  • Your nominated bank account or credit card will be charged one week before the term starts

Payment Plans

  • We offer a payment instalment option at UGA
  • This is simply 50% of your invoice upfront one week before the term starts, then the remainder half way through the term
  • You can apply for this by clicking on the link included in your invoice email

Students Enrolling After Week 1

  • Students can enrol into UGA at any time – even if it’s the last week of a term
  • For those enrolling after week 1, we will prorate our term fee accordingly
  • This means that a student starting in week 7 will recevie a 60% reduction in their term fee because they will only be enrolled for weeks 7, 8, 9 and 10.
  • The dates for payments will be communicated to you in your invoice email